Engineering A Fire Safe World
Historical Event List

The following table lists the events we have hosted from September 2001 to May 2012. If you are looking for events hosted after May 2012, visit our Event List page.

2012-05-08 Fire Modelling: Past, Present and Future Beth Weckman
University of Waterloo
2012-04-10 Tour of FESTI and The Air France Disaster Brian Ross
2012-03-13 Understanding and Applying NFPA 55 for Compressed Gas Storage Sean Tracey
2012-02-14 Fire Protection Systems Commissioning & The New CAN/ULC-S1001-11 Standard Simon Crosby
Randal Brown & Associates Ltd.
2012-01-10 Unique Fire Safety Challenges in Data Centers and Post Disaster Buildings Jack Keays
Larden Muniak Consulting Inc.
2011-12-13 Sprinklers Gone Wrong Robert J. Shirer
R.J. Shirer & Associates Inc.
2011-11-08 Insulated Wall Panels Daniel Fournier
Norbec Architectural Inc.
2011-10-11 The Bow: A Design Review Jon Winton
Leber/Rubes Inc.
2011-09-13 Research on Automatic Sprinklers and Hazard Assessment of stored Commodities Kathleen Almand
Fire Protection Research Foundation
2011-05-10 New Sprinkler Requirements for High Rise Residential Buildings Matthew Osborn
Candian Automatic Sprinkler Association
2011-04-12 Fundamentals of NFPA 96 Commercial Cooking and Exhaust Systems Sean Tracey
2011-03-08 Advances in Sprinkler Technology Paul Janusauskas
FM Global Canada Operations
2011-02-08 Fire Engineering in the Gulf Region Amal Tamin
2011-01-11 Fire Protection in a Highly Automated Retail Distribution Centre Randal Brown
Randal Brown & Associates Ltd.
2010-12-14 Case Studies of Unique Fires Involving Electrical Issues Bruce Paterson
Office of the Fire Marshal
2010-11-09 Fire Stopping Ryan Fusina
Hilti (Canada) Corporation
2010-10-12 Fire Alarm Monitoring Chris Newsome
Fire Monitoring of Canada
2010-09-14 Fire Forensics Investigation Robert Shirer
R.J. Shirer & Associates
2010-05-11 NFPA 101, Chapter 43 Building Rehabilitation & Chapter 11 OBC Sean Tracey
2010-04-13 Explosion Venting Andrew W. Wong
Vaughan Fire and Rescue Service
2010-03-09 Fire-Rated Expansion Joints Al Shaw
Fireline 520 LLC; and
Jason Frigon
Emseal Joint Systems Ltd.
2010-02-09 Living With Forest Fire at the Canadian Wildland-Urban Interface Steve Taylor
Canadian Forest Service, Natural Resources Canada
2010-01-19 Fire Protection of Steel Structures Jack Keays
Larden Muniak Consulting Inc.
2009-12-08 NFPA 13 Revisions Larry Keeping
Vipond Fire Protection
2009-11-10 Characteristics of Combustible Materials in Retail Buildings Alex C. Bwalya
Institute for Research in Construction
2009-10-20 A Fire Research Topic and Update on the University of Waterloo Fire Lab and Engineering Program Beth Wickman
University of Waterloo
2009-09-15 A Forensic Look at Sprinkler Failures Scott Grainger
Grainger Consultants
2009-05-12 Large Fire Loss – Queen Street (Toronto) Doug Horn
Office of the Fire Marshal
2009-04-14 Sunrise Propane Explosion & Fire Frank Lamie
Toronto Fire Services
2009-03-10 Ontario Fire Code Division B Part 4 and Industrial Occupancies Andrew Wong
City of Vaughan
2009-02-10 Underwriters' Laboratories of Canada Fire Standards Development Process Emmanuel Sopeju
Underwriters' Laboratories of Canada
2009-01-13 Gypsum Wallboard Firewalls Bob Mercer
CGC Inc.
2008-12-09 Challenges in Property Damage Restoration Michael Flatt
First General Services
2008-11-18 Fire Rated Duct Enclosure Systems Michael McClure
ThermoFire Systems
2008-10-21 Detection and Suppresssion of Moving Fires Ajwad Gebera
Nadine International
2008-09-09 Survivability of Fire Alarm Systems Ken Baird
Leber Rubes Inc.
2008-05-13 Fire Underwriters’ Survey (FUS) & GIS System Geographic Mapping of Fire & Water Services Alan Pang
2008-04-08 Combustion Fuel Heating Equipment — Valve Train Controls Richard Ilomaki
FM Global
2008-03-11 Flammability and Consumer Product Safety Wendy McNalley & Nadira Rambritch
Health Canada
2008-02-12 Quell Systems Cliff Hartford
Tyco Fire & Building Products
2008-01-08 Dust Explosions — A Soluble Problem John Cholin
J.M. Cholin Consultants, Inc.
2007-12-11 2007 Ontario Fire Code Krystyna Paterson
Office of the Fire Marshal
2007-11-13 Best Practice Guide on Fire Stops and Fire Blocks Ken Richardson
Ken Richardson Fire Technologies Inc.
2007-10-02 Fire Alarm Systems Past and Present David Sylvester
Morrison Hershfield
2007-09-11 Daimler-Chrysler Automobile Assembly Plant Fire, July 9, 2000 Len Papp
Brampton Fire & Emergency Services
2007-05-08 Fire Protection in Nuclear Facilities Barry Fleet
Ontario Power Generation
2007-04-10 Greater Toronto Airports Authority Air France Crash Richard Turgeon
Greater Toronto Airports Authority
2007-03-13 Water Mist Systems Dan Dye
2007-02-13 Impacts of Photoluminescent Marking on Human Behaviour and Evacuation Dr. Gulene Proulx
National Resarch Council
2007-01-09 NFPA 13, 2007 Edition Larry Keeping
Vipond Fire Protection
2006-12-12 Dura Systems: Passive Fire Protection Graham Prodger & Craig Pickering
2006-11-14 National Institute of Standards and Technology Study on The World Trade Centre Collapse Abbas Nanji
Underwriters' Laboratories of Canada
2006-10-17 Protecting Critical Assets Andrew Turchet & Tom Stilwell
Vision Fire & Security
2006-09-12 Fires on Wood Frame Construction Sites Donald Keefe
Munich Reinsurance Company of Canada
2006-05-09 Significant Fire Protection Changes in the 2005 National Codes Igor Oleszkiewicz
National Research Council
2006-04-11 Fire Protection in Asia Richard Ilomaki
FM Global
2006-03-14 SFPE Engineering Guide for Fire Exposures to Structural Elements Randal Brown
Randal Brown & Associates Ltd.
2006-02-14 Recent Developments and Improvements in Fire Protection Systems Lorne Leveque
Viking Supplynet
2006-01-10 Horizon Plastics Fire, Cobourg Deputy Chief Mike Vilneff
Cobourg Fire Department
2005-12-13 Gaseous Agent Fire Protection Systems Gary Taylor
Seneca College
2005-11-15 Urbanism, Preparedness and Fire Department Response Chief Bill Stewart
Toronto Fire Services
2005-10-18 Residential Sprinklers MPP Linda Jefferies
Government of Ontario
2005-09-13 Emergency Preparedness Dr. James G. Young
Government of Ontario
2005-05-10 Recent Loss Lessons Ian Daunt
Crawford Adjusters
2005-04-12 Determining the Combustibility of Building Materials Tony Crimi
A.C. Consulting Solutions Inc.
2005-03-08 Smoke Evacuation in Transit Stations Ray Sinclair
Rowan Williams Davies & Irwin Inc.
2005-02-08 Terrorism in Canada Steven J. Rocke
Security Intelligence Office — Airport Division of Peel Police
2005-01-11 Smoke Detection in Mechanical Air Handling Systems Gary Lougheed
National Research Council of Canada
2004-12-14 Electrical Blackout August 14, 2003 Bruce Weaver & Barry McKinnon
Office of the Fire Marshal
2004-11-09 Greater Toronto Airport Authority Fire and Emergency Services Mike Figliola & Frank Lafond
GTAA Fire & Emergency Services
2004-10-19 Arcing Ground Faults and Arc Flash Hazards Ajit Bapat
Schneider Electric Canada
2004-09-14 New Developments in Fire Sprinkler Technologies David Stevens Jr.
Tyco Fire & Building Products
2004-05-11 Recent Loss Lessons Jeff Yuill
Starr Technical Risks Agency
2004-04-13 Recent NFPA Fire Investigations and Updates to NFPA Codes and Standards Sean Tracey
2004-03-09 Fire Modeling with Fire Dynamics Simulator and Smokeview Dave McGill
Seneca College
2004-02-10 ULC Standard CAN/ULC S561-03 and Other ULC Updates Bruce Paterson
Underwriters' Laboratories of Canada
2004-01-13 Proposed Amendments to the Ontario Fire Code Krystyna Paterson
Office of the Fire Marshal
2003-12-09 Ontario's Electrical Safety Code 2002 Amendments & Other Issues Leslie Stoch
L.Stoch & Associates
2003-11-12 Fire Protection for Structural Steel — An Update Don Falconer
A/D Fire Protection Systems
2003-10-14 Kemano Smoke Alarm Study Tony Crimi
A.C. Consulting Solutions Inc.
2003-09-16 Residential Clandestine Marijuana Grow Labs Gary Jarrett
Brampton Fire & Emergency Services
2003-04-08 Novec 1230 — Fire Protection Fluid Jim Newton
2003-03-11 Ford Rouge Complex — Power House Explosion Hank Budesky
Ford Motor Company
2003-02-11 NFPA 13 Revisions Sean Tracey
2003-01-14 Electrical Equipment Maintenance — Thermal Imaging and Transformer Fluid Analysis Bill Himmen
GE Power Systems
2002-12-10 Technical Standards and Safety Authority — A Public Protection Organization Muhammad Tarig
2002-11-12 Developing Pre-Incident Plans — Emergency Planning Cyril Hare
Leber Rubes Inc.
2002-10-08 Study of Building Performance in the World Trade Centre Disaster James Milke
University of Maryland
2002-09-10 Fire Suppression — Water Mist Systems Dan Dye
Marioff Inc. Canada
2002-04-09 Latest Sprinkler Technology Kevin Maughan
Tyco Fire Products
2002-03-12 Central Station Reliability Gary Richardson
Uponor Wirsbo Canada
2002-02-12 Bill 124 David Brezer
Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing
2002-01-15 Smoke Control vs Smoke Exhaust Walter Schachtschneider
Bell Canada
2001-12-11 High Rise Building Evacuation Eric Esselink
Leber Rubes Inc.
2001-11-13 Argotec Fire Extinguishing Clean Agent Stephanie Shaffer
Control Fire Systems Inc.
2001-10-16 Fire Stopping of Penetrations Through Fire Rated Assemblies Ralph Pasquini
3M Canada
2001-09-18 Voluntary Sprinkler Replacement Program by Central Sprinkler James Golinveaux
Tyco Fire Products


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