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Thomas Chiang Memorial Award

Thomas ChiangThe award is named after Thomas Chiang—a long-time member of SFPE International and our Chapter—who passed away in May of 2006. Tom always had a bright smile for everyone he encountered. He served on the Chapter executive, became President in 1999, directed the Chapter and presided over its 35th Anniversary celebration.

Tom was active in the field of Fire Protection Engineering. He was also a strong supporter of Fire Protection education and supported the establishment of a bursary.

In 2001, the Chapter created the Seneca College SFPE bursary to support promising Seneca College Fire Protection Engineering students. The bursary was set-up to be self-perpetuating so that the fund’s annual income was awarded as a scholarship each year.

In 2006, the Chapter re-named the bursary "The Thomas Chiang SFPE Memorial Bursary" to honour Tom's memory (Click here to view a 'Thank you' note from Mrs. Cecilia Chiang) and announced their intention to raise the value of the bursary to $20,000 through voluntary member donations. To accomplish this, the Chapter matched all donations raised on a dollar-for-dollar basis to an aggregate maximum of $2,500, which was then matched by the provincial government.

In 2010, the Chapter opted to pass on all donations collected directly to the recipient(s) as an award until such time that the bursary’s annual income was more substantial.

2013 Award WinnersToday, the Chapter continues to collect and match donations towards the Thomas Chiang Memorial Award. We are proud to continue to support Fire Protection education in Ontario and to maintain the intent of the original Seneca College SFPE bursary. We are committed to fostering the growth of education in our field to advance the science and practice of fire protection engineering in Southern Ontario. Please consider making voluntary donation, which will be matched by the Chapter.


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