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Interested in learning more about becoming a member of the of the Southern Ontario Chapter Society of Fire Protection Engineers? First, it is important to understand the difference between Chapter Membership and membership at the International Level of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers.

International level membership applications are processed directly by SFPE International. Chapter membership applications are managed by the local and regional Chapters. Membership at the International level does not imply membership at the local and regional level and vice versa. The information on this page is specific to membership with the Southern Ontario Chapter. For more information on memberships with other Chapters, please contact the Chapter you are interested in joining directly.

If you have any questions about membership, please contact our Membership Chair at

Chapter Membership

The Southern Ontario Chapter of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers is one of the largest Chapters operating in Canada and represents a membership of fire protection consultants, along with insurance and industry professionals. Our Chapter forms part of SFPE International which has over 4,200 members, 66 regional and local chapters and 15 student chapters worldwide. We endeavor to promote professional development and foster education to promote engineering a fire safe world. Connect with the best minds in fire protection, advance your career, and make a difference in our industry by getting involved. Our strength and the future rely on the innovative thinking and active participation of members just like you.

Discover Chapter member benefits that are most relevant to you.

Benefits of Individual Membership

  • Discount rates on monthly Lunch & Learn events
  • Alliances through networking opportunities
  • Credibility you need to advance your career
  • Knowledge of new industry developments
  • Promote career opportunities for the future of the profession
  • Opportunities through SFPE's web site postings

Benefits of Corporate Membership

  • Unlimited member additions associated with Corporation
  • Website recognition and link to Corporation website
  • Credibility in industry
  • Professional development for employees on new industry developments
  • Opportunities through SFPE's website to post employment opportunities and share Corporate news

Membership Levels

Our Chapter offers the following levels of membership:

  1. Corporate — This level is intended for companies that wish to register multiple employees with our Chapter. There is no limit on the number of employees that a company can register. It is the responsibility of the Corporate Membership Administrator to maintain updated records of company staff covered by a Corporate Membership.
  2. Individual — This level is intended for individuals that wish to register with our Chapter.
  3. Junior — This level is intended for individuals that wish to register with our Chapter who are 25 years of age or under.
  4. Senior — This level is intended for individuals that wish to register with our Chapter who are 65 years of age or over.

Membership Designations

Members of our Chapter are classified into one of the following two designations:

  • Member — The "Member" designation refers to an individual that pays Chapter dues and also maintains a current membership with SFPE International.
  • Colleague — The "Colleague" designation refers to an individual that pays Chapter dues and is not currently a member of SFPE International.

In addition to the benefits offered with the International level membership, Chapter Members are qualified to vote on Chapter related matters, as described in the Chapter Constitution. We encourage all Chapter Colleagues to consider the benefits of an SFPE International Membership.

Annual Chapter Dues

Chapter Dues for Chapter Members and for Chapter Colleagues are the same. In September 2015, rolling memberships became available in the Southern Ontario Chapter. Memberships are valid for a year from the date of renewal or initiation.

Membership Level Cost
Corporate $375.00
Individual $50.00
Junior $10.00
Senior $10.00

NOTE: Chapter dues DO NOT include membership to SFPE International.

How To Apply

To apply for membership with our Chapter, please complete our online Application Form and follow the instructions provided. Juniors and seniors may need to provide identification before their application is approved.

Updating Your Information

Your account is yours to keep. In the event that you change companies, we ask that you update your membership/contact information as soon as possible.

To do so, you will need to log into your account and view your profile. The following example shows the profile of a member:

To update your profile, click the Edit profile button and update the appropriate fields. To save the changes, click the Save button.

You may also adjust your email preferences on the Email subscriptions page and the Privacy link allows you to specify which fields are visible to everyone, other members, or hidden from everyone else.

Need Help?

Our Membership Chair can be reached at If you are having any difficulty setting up a new membership account or updating an existing account with your corporate or personal information please contact the Chapter directly!


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