Engineering A Fire Safe World

Fire Investigation: Electric Vehicle Fires, New Investigation Technologies, and Fire Case Reviews

  • Tuesday, April 11, 2017
  • 12:00 PM - 2:15 PM
  • Toronto Board of Trade, First Canadian Place, 100 King Street West, Toronto, Ontario


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David Porter
Senior Forensic Engineer
Jensen Hughes

David is an experienced automotive engineer with over 16 years of engineering experience, 12 of which focusing on automotive forensics. His main areas of focus have been automotive collision reconstruction and the investigation of failures in automobiles. David has been the lead investigator for over 1000 investigations, has been accepted as an expert in automotive engineering several times by courts in Ontario and Manitoba, and currently leads the forensic engineering team in the Toronto office of Jensen Hughes.

With specialized education and experience in forensic engineering, David can investigate and analyze motor vehicle collisions and failures, and clearly communicate the pertinent points to both technical audiences and laypeople.

Njegos Bijelic
Fire Protection Consultant
Jensen Hughes

Njegos is a Fire Protection Consultant with three years of experience in fire code application and fire investigation. He specializes in the preparation of building code assessments for architects and engineers, using requirements from Ontario Building Code (OBC), Ontario Fire Code (OFC) and NFPA 13, as well as utilizing fire modelling software for preparing alternative solution proposals.

Njegos performs fire investigations which includes fire scene documentation, fire vector analysis, determination of the area of origin, evidence collection, and post-scene examination and analysis.


Electric and hybrid vehicles (EHVs) are becoming increasingly popular with the decreased price and increased availability of these vehicles. The batteries of these vehicles, and their charging systems, pose unique hazards and present challenges for fire protection.

This presentation will review the risks associated with EHVs, both in use and when they are being charged. We will also review some emerging technologies for use in fire investigations, such as photogrammetry using drones. Finally, we will present some recent cases of balcony and roof fires.


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1:00 PM to 2:15 PM Presentation & Questions


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